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"This book was absolutely amazing. I found myself laughing out loud at some of Allison’s internal monologue and the crazy situations that her magic put her in!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

"This is an addicting new series that you will want to sink your teeth right in to!"  ~ Amazon Reviewer

"So I’m gonna be honest here - this book was kinda awesome.  So much so that I cannot tell you what I did at work the last few days because I was so engrossed in this book!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

"J.E. Cluney is a fantastic author who has brought her Australian creativity to this new series and it's wonderful." ~ Amazon Reviewer


"Finally a book where the female lead is comfortable with her sexuality and isn’t viewed as promiscuous or slutty!! As a series opener, this was full of action, drama, betrayal, with PLENTY of steam and I loved it!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

"This book had me laughing so hard at times that tears ran down my eyes! The knotting? That was hands down the best! "  ~ Amazon Reviewer

"M Holy mother of delicious smut. This book was scorching hot!!! I mean supernova level hot!!!!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Woah... This was unexpectedly really really good. Supernaturals, action, steamy, betrayal and loyalty. Oh and funny! The bits of humor on here was great! This needs to be a video and I need to read the second installment asap!" ~ Amazon Reviewer