Corviticus University Series

Corviticus University

Corviticus University (Book 1)


New life? Check.
Road to a career? Check.
Housemates? Check.
Can you keep your hands off them? Undetermined.

I wasn’t expecting my new housemates to be as hot and sexy as they are. And it’s going to be a struggle to stick to my personal rules of no sexual relationships with them. They’re all so tempting, sweet, and funny. Well, except for one.
Yep, definitely hard.
And with their help, I’ll learn to manage my mischief magic. No more flying, honking vibrators for me.
But questions rise when more powers surface for me, and it’s obvious I’m not just your average pixie halfling.
Can we find answers together? And can I stick to my personal rules of friends only?


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Corviticus University: Revelations (Book 2)


It's time for the game to begin. The prize? 

So I couldn't resist my housemates. Go figure.

And lo and behold, it was none other than Marcus who broke me.

But strange powers have surfaced, and a dark revelation leaves me with more questions than answers.
What is this bond I feel with some of my housemates? And can I resist them?

And what the hell is going on with my magic?

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Corviticus University: Void (Book 3)


Death becomes me. Now I know what it finally means.

As if being a halfling wasn’t enough. Now I’m something more, but I have no clue what my abilities are or what is going on.

Oh, and I’m being hunted. The reasoning behind it makes my blood run cold when I find out.
I need to find a way to protect myself, but as I begin to learn more about who I am and my past, powers and abilities arise.

Now I need to make a choice on how to use them, all while trying to stay alive.
At least I have my four hot housemates trying to help, although they’re more of a distraction and delicious temptation. Not to mention this telepathic thing is getting out of hand. Hopefully I’ll discover exactly what it all means.

Life is never easy.

Time to buckle up and learn.

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Corviticus University: Family Ties (Book 4)


With the big bad handled and the bond with my men sealed, life is looking up for me.

Or so I thought.

With powers I need to learn to wield, and my mates all stronger than ever, we find ourselves dealing with a potential new threat.

All whilst trying to continue life with my newfound family and friendships.

Can we figure out if this new threat is real? And if it is, how will we handle it?



© 2019 by J.E. Cluney

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