Here is important news regarding my books and what's coming.

I'm working on completing the Everwood Academy series first and foremost, after that, I will be playing with some other series and popping up pre-orders when ready.

Portland Ivy Series (UPDATED) - I've had a few emails about this one. They have been taken down for a rebrand. There is a post in my reader group on facebook as to why. Due to extremely poor sales, I will be pulling them and republishing them as an M/F series with new titles and covers. I will update this when they go live. UPDATE - Rebranded to the Magic Bound series, which can be found under my books tab. These books are only rebranded and re-titled, nothing has changed within the storyline itself.

Ashwood Wolves series (UPDATED) - these were my first ever RH books. In saying that, they lacked editing and needed a serious rewrite as I advanced in my writing ability. UPDATE - They've been edited and rebranded from the Sins of Wolves to the Wolf Chosen series with some extensive rewrites here and there.