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Here is important news regarding my books and what's coming.

Kissed by Monsters, Alice in Lalaland 2, and Saved by the Alpha are all on hold due to life changes and difficulties writing these series. They will be completed eventually, but I do not currently have the passion or desire to write them. I will complete them, but it may not be for a while.

Everwood Academy (UPDATED) - This trilogy has had a slight rewrite and has been rebranded as the Everwood Demons series and is a complete trilogy.

Portland Ivy Series (UPDATED) - I've had a few emails about this one. They have been taken down for a rebrand. There is a post in my reader group on facebook as to why. Due to extremely poor sales, I will be pulling them and republishing them as an M/F series with new titles and covers. I will update this when they go live. UPDATE - Rebranded to the Magic Bound series, which can be found under my books tab. These books are only rebranded and re-titled, nothing has changed within the storyline itself.

Ashwood Wolves series (UPDATED) - these were my first ever RH books. In saying that, they lacked editing and needed a serious rewrite as I advanced in my writing ability. UPDATE - They've been edited and rebranded from the Sins of Wolves to the Wolf Chosen series with some extensive rewrites here and there.

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