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Wolf Unchained (Book 1)


Eighteen years I've known what I am, and the night has finally arrived where I awaken.
My father has already mapped out my future for me--he's chosen me the ideal mate and is eager for me to start carrying on our lineage and be your typical breeder.
Too bad my newly awakened wolf has completely other plans. I'm not ready to settle down--I want to explore and find who I truly am. I have an inkling of what that is, but I need to be sure before I hurl myself onto a completely different path in life.
With three men causing my wolf to unravel, I dig deep to discover who I am and what I want in life, and if that means enjoying the three men I'm yearning for, then so be it.
This unchained wolf won't be held back.

***This is a fast burn RH***


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