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Wolf Called Zack (Briar Falls Wolfpack: Book 3)



Zack has been enjoying his life with his newfound Pack, but something has been missing, something he can’t find in any of the paintings he creates. He knows there’s something he still needs, a love he has yet to find, and when he learns that he’s got the next match in Regina’s matchmaking efforts, hope blooms for him.

Perhaps this woman is all he’s sought in life, the final piece he needs to complete his masterpiece, to bring his life together fully.


Sophie has struggled ever since her abusive ex left her drowning under a crushing debt. Working two jobs and losing whatever social life she had, she finds herself crumbling when she’s given notice to vacate her rental. Her saving grace comes in the form of a bizarre offer over the phone, the chance to strike a new path in life. One with magic and wonder, and a chance at real, true love.

She’s skeptical, but with a visit from the bubbly witch, she’s convinced it’s worth a shot. Who else would turn down the chance to meet real live werewolves? Especially one that’s been matched to you?

But when she meets Zack, her past haunts her, making it hard for her to open up and accept what he’s offering. How can something so amazing be true? Can this really be true love? Or is it doomed before it begins?


This is a short, fun instalove fated mates read with a HEA.

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