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Claimed by her Alpha (Alpha Wolves: Book 1)



“You are mine, kitten. Best you remember that.”

With the death of my father, I find the Alpha title thrust upon me before I'm ready. And now, with a rival Alpha sniffing around, I need to choose a mate. In order to find a suitable female, I call upon a treaty my father prepared for an alliance with other Packs. In doing so, the true mate call awakens within me.
Except the woman who has sparked this fire within is much too human.
But as soon as I saw her, my wolf wanted to claim her.
With my alpha title under threat, claiming my mate becomes top priority.
Which means revealing the truth about what lurks in the shadows of mankind to this innocent female.
Will she stay? Or will I become one of the pained rejected wolves?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by her Alpha is a stand-alone book in the Alpha Wolves series. Steamy, HEA guaranteed, no cheating.

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