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Wolf Called Jacob (Briar Falls Wolfpack: Book 8)



Jacob has finally found his long lost brother, and life is so much better in the Pack. He’s seeing all the couples thriving, and it makes him long for something special. He’s wondering if he should ask Regina to match him with someone, and then the attack on the Pack is made and everything shifts.

Those who sought to harm the Pack bring with them a woman torn about her loyalties, and one look at the unsettled woman has Jacob’s wolf howling.

Fiona has questioned her upbringing for some time, not understanding her uncle’s need to get revenge on what happened to the Pack. But without any other family and being a lone female, she’s dragged along on this whole fiasco.

When it comes to an end, she finds herself face to face with a man who stirs something inside of her.

But she harbors her own secret, one that could prove to be too much for the man with fire in his eyes. Not to mention she’s also classed as an enemy of this Pack.

Will she fight the beliefs pushed on her and go with her heart? And is she willing to reveal her secret for a chance at love?

This is a short, fun, instalove fated mates read with a HEA.

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