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Wolf Called Eli (Briar Falls Wolfpack: Book 6)



Eli is over the moon for his Pack and their mates, and when his turn to have a match arrives, he can’t believe his luck. The woman is everything he could ever want, completely perfect in every way. But she’s got some demons she’s running from, and when they come to light, his perfect future is nearly torn from him. Can he find a way to keep the woman of his dreams?


Mandy has worked tooth and nail to get herself to where she is in life, but one bad relationship has her world less stable and her hopes falling. When Regina reaches out, she’s skeptical, but one scary push from her past has her headed to the middle of nowhere to see just how great this magical match is.

The man she’s paired with is everything a woman could want, and she’s falling hard. Too bad her past won’t let go, and she finds herself torn between being with a man who can give her the world, or setting him free from her chaos.
Will she let love win, or will she run?


This is a short, fun instalove fated mates read with a HEA.

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