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Warlock Truth (Book 3)


You know that feeling you get when your whole life is turned upside down? When things go so wrong or something so unexpected happens that you’re lost for words and just numb?
That’s exactly what I experience when a frenzy of untold truths come out after my father’s return.
I find out just what I am, and the truth behind my mother’s death. And to top it off, a body has turned up in my best friend’s house. With the help of my father, we discover there is something far more sinister going on with my friend than I could imagine.
And to add fuel to fire, Percy comes back onto the scene to stir up my emotions. Yay.
Can I help save my friend while learning the truth behind what I really am?

***PLEASE NOTE- Previously published as Ghosttruth of the Portland Ivy series***

***This book contains adult scenes***

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