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Stolen by the Wolf (Mafia Monsters: Book 1)




As the eldest son, I’m heir to the Pack, to this family that rules the Steel underbelly in this fine city. Destined to continue this war for territory and eventually claim the entire city as our own.

I had one job. Kidnap the toy of Bartholomew and use her as a pawn, extract information and reclaim another piece of territory in this ruthless game.

But Brandy isn’t all she seems, and the fascinating little human starts tearing down my walls.

Too bad she’s destined for death. But why does that now bother me so?



It’s been a long time since I even knew who I was, but when Alexander steals me away from the glamoured life I’d fallen into, my eyes are opened.

I’m just a pawn in a sick game between the powerful families of Kingstown, and I’m intent to get as far away from this wretched city and never look back.

But first, that means escaping the stunningly handsome but brutal man charged with keeping me contained. A man I know could tear me to pieces in an instant.

So why does that thrill me?

This is a werewolf mafia M/F standalone in the Mafia Monsters series with no cliffhangers or cheating and a definite HEA.

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