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Her Deadly Protectors2.jpg

Her Deadly Protectors (Mafia Brothers: Book 3)



I've survived everything the world could throw at me, but now a new surprise has me wondering just what this life holds for me.

I've found myself in a situation like once before, but my feelings around it this time are vastly different. My men are nothing like the one who took away something precious to me, and I know they'll help protect my new love no matter what.
But this is a whole new venture for all of us, and past shadows weasel their way in, determined to fracture everything we've built.


When we discover something so beautiful with our little stray, we know everything is going to change. The men we once were will need to evolve, and we're ready to face any challenges coming our way.
But Vee's past is coming back to haunt her, along with our own, and suddenly, our new beautiful life is threatened.
With something so precious now involved, there's nothing we wouldn't do to protect the woman we love and the family.

***This is a why choose Mafia Brothers series with darker themes.***

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