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Wolf Called Patrick (Briar Falls Wolfpack: Book 5)



Patrick has been waiting for his turn to land one of Regina’s matches. He’s ready to claim his other half, to finally have the one thing in life that his people all strive to get. But when she comes along—a woman that sparks his wolf to life and lights up his world—a new problem reveals itself.

A past he left behind catches up, and now he needs to sort out the mess without driving away his shot at a happy future. But will past ties prove too much?

Lacey has lost her way in life, after yet another failed ‘situationship’, she’s ready to toss in the towel and call it quits on trying to find a life partner. She thought she’d have it all by now—a devoted husband, children, and a home she adored—instead she’s living in her mom’s house wondering why she doesn’t have her life in order. So when a call comes in with a promise of a whole new life, she decides there’s nothing to lose. Nothing risked, nothing gained.

She’s matched with a man who ticks all the boxes, but his old life catches up with him, putting a target on the Pack.

Is she willing to stick through the frenzy, or will Lacey deem it too much and walk away?


This is a short, fun instalove fated mates read with a HEA.

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