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Wolf Called Casey (Briar Falls Wolfpack: Book 1)



Casey needs a mate to stave off the madness that lurks within his Pack. But his wolf has already caused enough dramas, so when Wyatt and Regina inform him that they’ve selected a potential match, he’s in shock. There’s no way he’s the first to get a match, but as soon as his wolf sees her… he’s positive.

She is his. And he’d do anything to make her his.

Dahlia is running from a life of hardship, desperate for love and somewhere she belongs. So when a mysterious phone call promises the chance at that, she embraces the moment, eager for a shot at a better life.

She signs the dotted line, not realizing just how much her life is about to change.


Because Casey will do anything for his mate, and he’s intent to claim her as his.


This is a short, fun, instalove fated mates read with a HEA.

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