Institute of Supernaturals Series


Institute of Supernaturals: Savage ( Book 1)


Hunting monsters is my job. Screwing them is just a bonus. Too bad it always ends with them dead.

But when I find four men at my door wanting to kill me for crimes against innocents, my whole world is flipped on its head.

Four sexy supes? Check.
Life taking an interesting turn? Duh.
Throw it all in a blender? Why not?

We’re all drawn together in one big whirlwind of a mess. Lies are revealed, truths discovered, and my life will never be the same.
This huntress is about to become the hunted, and these four strangers are my new lifeline.
Just dandy.
Welcome to the Institute of Supernaturals.


Institute of Supernaturals: Savage Collects (Book 2)

My whole life was a lie. And just when things were looking up, everything came crashing down.

find myself a prisoner to someone unexpected, and then, I’m forced to fight.
Fight or become a selected mate.
Like hell I’ll roll over.

But something’s wrong here, and I know I need to escape.
Where even am I?
What happened to my mates too? My fake father?
Too many unanswered questions, my main focus is to escape.
As I fight for my freedom, I make allies and discover new enemies as I embrace my true nature.


No one can hold down Savage.


Time to spill some blood.



Institute of Supernaturals: Savage Heart (Book 3)

Turns out, evil has a way of returning, and now we need to watch our backs.

I have mates.
I’m a kitsune.
And I’m stronger than I ever thought.
My life really has changed in just a few short weeks.

My new mates and I have been through a lot since becoming bonded, but now we have a chance to settle in and begin our bounty hunting life together.
Take a step towards a future.

Or so I thought.
With a revelation that shakes us to the core, we need to be prepared to fight for our home and each other.
Or be prepared to lose it all.
Will we make it out the other side?

***This is the final book in Savage’s story, a fastburn RH series.***

© 2019 by J.E. Cluney

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