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Corviticus University: Sea Cursed (Book 1)


Life was basic and easy before the enlightenment. Now it’s a struggle to figure out who I am.


Sirens were primal, instinctual creatures until the Global Council decided we needed to join the modern world and assimilate.

So now I’m heading to Corviticus University with my trusted companion, Finn, to be integrated into this new world.

Too bad it’s never that easy. With newfound knowledge comes power, and something sinister has come to the campus.

With something now targeting my kind, I’ve found myself wrapped up in some weird love mess with three men.

Can we figure out what’s going on while I try to sort out my feelings for these men? And what are these bizarre dreams I’m having?

***Please note this is a Paranormal romance series where the the FMC doesn't choose. It is a part of the Corviticus University universe but features new characters***

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