Ashwood Wolves Series

Currently being rewritten and re-covered, stay tuned!

Sins of Wolves.png

Sins of Wolves (Ashwood Wolves: Book 1)


Love ties. Blood breaks.

My father is the Alpha of the pack.

And I am his annoyingly defiant daughter who is always off doing my own thing despite my obligation to the pack. And when I ran afoul of Richard Williamson, a werewolf in a neighboring pack, my life got turned upside down. Richard wants to join the two formidable packs, as he’s always wanted, by having me mated to him.

So what does my father do? Puts me on lockdown with his top three betas. Too bad they’ve all had a thing for me in the past. Maybe he knows that and he believes that’ll make them more willing to protect me.

But I think that’ll just make this weekend even more fun. I just hope my father can get rid of Richard’s proposition. Because I refuse to be that old idiot’s mate. I’ll fight it all the way.

Lust of Wolves.png

Lust of Wolves (Ashwood Wolves: Book 2)


Fucked. I’m royally fucked.

After losing a very decisive battle, I find myself in the bed of the enemy. Except, he’s no longer the enemy. He’s about to become my mate.


With only home and my boys on my mind, I have to find a way out of this mess, and a way to save my father from falling to this nasty piece of work. Even though I agreed to the terms of our fight, it was never specified how I was meant to treat my new mate.

Murdering a Pack mate now that I’m in his Pack is punishable by death. But perhaps I can challenge him? Something tells me he won’t allow that.

But it’s all I got. I need to get out of here.

Love of Wolves.png

Love of Wolves (Ashwood Wolves: Book 3)


Being an Alpha sucks ass.

I would know, I just sporadically became one. Well, okay, no, I murdered for the title. Still, it wasn't really planned.

But now I'm stuck trying to help repair a broken Pack and come to terms with my own trauma. Not to mention we've got deserters who may just want to kill me. That's always fun.

So with the help of some close loved ones, I need to navigate these new waters and deal with a looming threat of attack.

Fingers crossed I can be the Alpha I need to be.